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Making Government Work: A Conservative Agenda for the States is an updated version of the highly acclaimed 1994 original book. It serves as a modern-day guide for how as Americans we can move the states forward with common sense, conservative public policy initiatives to benefit the Nation as a whole. Making Government Work is a reminder that conservative reforms set the stage for unprecedented prosperity.


Tan Parker is a Republican member of the Texas House of Representatives and former chairman of the Texas House Republican Caucus. He is also a successful businessman and champion for keeping government accessible, accountable, and grounded in service to others.


  • "As the Governor of Texas, I have witnessed firsthand the success a state can achieve when innovation and self-reliance are guiding principles in enacting public policy. Making Government Work is a road map for these types of conservative principles and a commonsense approach to limited government in action that will make this nation flourish."
    Greg Abbott
    Governor of Texas
  • "Today, too many state governments lack respect for the liberties that our nation was founded on. This book will help conservative leaders re-focus on how states can protect and promote the freedoms that make America special."
    Kristi Noem
    Governor of South Dakota
  • "Making Government Work is for state government what the Contract with America was for the federal government. It is a sensible, fact-based plan to create a better future through the application of sound principles."
    Newt Gingrich
    Former Speaker of the House
  • "Making Government Work is the conservative master plan for keeping government small, nimble, efficient, and user-friendly. These are things government usually is not, which is why every policy maker, elected official, and concerned citizen needs to know of the secrets that lie within these pages."
    Stephen Moore
    co-author of Trumponomics
  • "We must look to the leadership of our states and the policies they employ as the road map to prosperity. Making Government Work brings together a blueprint from many of the nation’s conservative leaders that opens the mind and puts in practice innovative solutions to the nation’s most challenging issues facing us today."
    The Honorable Ben Carson


Making Government Work presents a star-studded lineup of some of today’s most powerful voices, including Chuck Norris, Rick Perry, Kathy Ireland, Rick Santorum, Chad Hennings, Rebecca Kleefisch, Jeb Bush, Art Laffer, and Bob Woodson, along with many more.

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